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crane moving cement pipes

Since our foundation over fifty years ago, Ford Development Corporation has kept true to three rules of success.

First, keep good employees. Second, keep good customers. Third, always tell the truth.  

It is these three principles that have helped Ford Development Corp. grow and expand into new industries and operations while maintaining strong family values. Many of our employees and clients have been with us for decades because we believe in treating those we work with like family. 

Ford Development first got our start in 1971 as an excavation company founded by Vernon Ford. Purchased by Bob Henderson Sr. in 1974, our team consisted of a handful of construction professionals, a backhoe, and a pick-up truck. Bob Henderson Jr. began working for Ford Development in 1977 and by the end of 1978 he had bought out Vernon.  

Excavator sitting on jobsite

Cassinelli Square in Springdale, Ohio was our team’s first big job, and by the end of the 70s, Ford Development Corp. began to do concrete work. The next step in our team’s development and the start of our involvement in roadworks was the rehab of Reading Road in Evendale. The Reading Road project was a big risk for our team, but it paid off in a big way, and streetscape work is a staple of Ford Development Corp today.  

Into the 80s, Ford Development Corp. continued to evolve. We began to get involved with building work and started making real estate investments. These investments resulted in ownership of a golf course, airport, and various other properties in the Cincinnati area.  

construction crew

Today, 95% of our business is done within 50 miles of Cincinnati.

Our three main services are utility work, streetscapes or roadwork, and services such as water break repairs.

Our team works at upwards of 30 locations every day, and we work closely with smaller cities and municipalities around Cincinnati for waterworks.  

Safety is our number one priority, and our three core principles are more important today than ever before. By keeping good employees, keeping good customers, and always being honest with those we work with, Ford Development Corp. has found sustainable success. As the next generation of Hendersons take over management, our team is excited to expand into new areas and industries while still delivering the same top-quality work that makes us great. 

crew working on pipes in ground

We specialize in underground site utility construction but have expertise in other areas such as:

  • complete design/build construction
  • utilities
  • structural, specialty and flatwork
  • concrete work
  • complete site development
  • plant maintenance

We have the manpower and equipment to handle a wide range of projects.  We are not dependent upon subcontractors.  We own and maintain our own equipment, including Bobcats, backhoes, trucks, 180,000-pound hydraulic excavators and whatever it takes to get the job done.  We continually invest in new equipment to meet our customers' needs.  Ford crews can manage and equip more than 30 projects at any given time using more than 174 pieces of company-owned equipment.
We create individualized, experienced teams for each project.  Through our five service divisions, we have the ability to bring a project out of the ground from initial concept design to finished drawings and the finished project.  Most of this work is done in-house, utilizing the talents of our own diversified work force.

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